On Not Living the “Yay!” Lifestyle

I’m a curmudgeon, I know. But at the risk of sounding like the late Andy Rooney, can someone please tell me why the fuck anyone would spend good money on a magnet that says “Yay! Me!” I saw this and dozens of other “Yay!” magnets at a shop in South Haven, Michigan last weekend and was morbidly fascinated. Are people buying “Yay Me!” magnets to give to their narcissistic friends? Or are they buying these things for themselves?

The “Yay! Me!” magnet isn’t even the worst of it. The company also features a “50 Shades of Yay” mature line featuring offerings like “Yay! Vaginas!” “Yay! Orgasms!” “Yay! Bjs” and the like.  Yay vaginas? Seriously?  You can also buy more mundane magnets or greeting cards with the slogans, “Yay! USA!” “Yay! Pitbulls!” “Yay! Sisters!” “Yay! Librarians” and so on. They also have a religious line with “Yay! God!” “Yay! Buddha!” “Yay! Jesus” and “Yay! Jewish!” but no “Yay! Allah!” or “Yay! Muslims!” Perhaps they’ve done some market research and concluded that Muslims are too smart to buy these things?