List of Companies that are NOT Woke

Okay, folks, I’ve heard you! You asked me for a list of woke companies, and I gave. you one. Now many of you are asking for a list of companies that are not woke (or shall we say unawoke?) This is going to be a lot more difficult but I’m game to start this but I’ll need your help too. If you know of unwoke companies, please contact me. In the meantime, I’ll get started here with this admittedly modest list. But please also check out the new app Public Square, because there are lots of small, unwoke businesses there, most of them local. I didn’t find many in Tampa Bay, where I live, but you might have better luck. Also, while you’re here and while we’re on the topic of supporting like-minded entrepreneurs, please check out my books.

Ashley Furniture

Bass Pro Shops

Berkshire Hathaway

Black Rifle Coffee

Bubba Gump Shrimp

Buffer Insurance

Charity Mobile phone co.

Deere & Co.


Equinox Fitness/Soul Cycle

Good Ranchers

Goya Foods

Hobby Lobby

Home Depot

Jeremy’s Razors


Lending Tree


My Pillow

Nathan’s Famous hot dogs

On Running


Shell Oil

Strive Asset Management



WWE has a nice roundup of companies they think are good. Some of them are actually quite woke but these days, it’s all relative. Stay tuned as we’ll be growing this list together.