Mad Travelers Publicity

** Read the first chapter of Mad Travelers via Literary Hub

** Wanderlust Magazine (UK) named it one of the best travel books of 2021.

** Listen to this podcast interview I did on Footsteps of Federer and Mad Travelers with Joe Hamilton of the St. Pete X podcast.

** Here’s a podcast interview I did with the great Rolf Potts, author of Vagabonding.

** The New York Post recommended Mad Travelers as a book of the week.

**I was interviewed by Ric Gazarian of the Counting Countries podcast. (My interview starts 2 hours and 28 minutes into the show.)

** Here’s a 7-minute video where I explain the backstory behind Mad Travelers.

** And here’s a link to the video of my book launch talk with Tombolo Books in St. Petersburg.